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IQ Ball EDU Toy Blue

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IQ Ball Fidget square with Puzzle for Intelligence Development
This special toy is great for all smart and autistic people.

– Fun gameplay, promote thinking, help children exercise hand-eye coordination and grasping ability, and also train brain space and logical thinking ability.
– The edge bump particles can also move the palms and bones to exercise finger flexibility.
– Stress Reliever
– Elaborate design: 4 O-shaped recessed holes are carefully designed, each of the recessed holes has a number of small beads, which can be moved and rotated by pushing the middle cube module, and there are small beads on both sides of the cube that can move in both directions

How to play:
– Move the small balls around, move the middle Rubik’s Cube module to replace the required small balls in different O-shaped grooves, and quickly restore the small balls on both sides through memory and space imagination.

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Dimensions 11.5 × 10.5 × 3 cm