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SKIP Auto Powders 3kg

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Skip Automatic Washing Powder with scientifically formulated fibre care technology keeps clothes and linens clean and looking like new, wash after wash. It works to protect the fibres in clothes that degenerate over time during wearing and machine washing, while the advanced enzyme technology cleans, removes stains and cares for fabrics.

– Add one scoop of Skip Automatic washing powder to the detergent compartment in your top loader washing machine or front loader washing machine.
– Do not apply directly to fabrics.
– This laundry detergent dissolves completely and leaves no residue.
– Don’t forget to check your clothing item care label for more information on taking care of specific fabrics and items.

– Formulated with Carezyme technology to fight the five signs of ageing in fabrics, helping clothes to last longer.
– Skip Auto Washing Powder’s Carezyme formula maintains colour in bright fabrics and protects white fabrics.

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