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RH Baby Powder Perfume 250ml

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The River Hound Baby Powder Perfume is specifically designed to eliminate foul odors on your dog and keep them smelling fresh. It is safe for pets, ensuring that your dog is not exposed to any harmful ingredients. The perfume contains hydrating agents that prevent dry skin and fur, promoting a silky smooth coat for your furry friend.

In addition to eliminating odors, the River Hound Baby Powder Perfume also targets and kills the bacteria responsible for those unpleasant smells. This ensures that your dog stays smelling fresh for longer periods of time. The perfume’s scent is long-lasting, providing a luxurious fragrance that your dog will enjoy.

Using the River Hound Baby Powder Perfume is easy. Simply spray a small amount over your dog’s fur, avoiding the head and face area. Allow the perfume to dry naturally. It is important to note that the perfume is for external use only and should not come in contact with your dog’s eyes. In case of contact, rinse thoroughly with water. Keep the perfume out of reach of children.

Pamper your dog with the River Hound Baby Powder Perfume and give them the luxury they deserve while keeping them smelling fresh and clean.

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