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OMO Auto Capsules 24’s

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OMO Auto Ultra Washing Capsules (or Washing Tablets) are a laundry detergent / washing powder / soap that has all of OMO’s stain removal power, but in a super concentrated format, removing tough stains faster. Omo Auto Ultra Washing capsules have active cleaning molecules which penetrate deep into the clothes fibres to remove stains faster. The capsule’s casing is made from a biodegradable cold water soluble film – meaning it’s environmentally-friendly and will dissolve easily (7 minutes maximum) without leaving any residue behind.. One capsule is simply placed in the drum of the washing machine beneath your washing (or at the back of drum). When the water flows in, the capsule dissolves quickly and completely, releasing the active cleaning ingredients through the washing to remove tough stains faster.

How to use:
– Place one capsule directly in the back of the drum of your machine before the clothes (or 2 capsules for heavily soiled or dirty clothing).
– Place clothes in the drum of your machine.
– Close the drum

Store these Omo Auto Washing Capsules / Washing Tablets in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

OMO 3 in 1 Capsules within laundry offer three benefits:
– the benefit of Care
– the benefit of Freshness
– the benefit of Stain Removal