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Boden Stark Anson Collection 1.7l 2000W SS Kettle

R 989.99

A Cordless Kettle with Swiss Design Elements & UK Strix Controller. Features Boil-Dry Protection & More!

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Boden Stark’s 1.7L Cordless Stainless Steel Kettle is elegantly designed to make your tea or coffee-making experience quick, efficient, and enjoyable. With a large 1.7L capacity, you can easily make multiple cups of tea or coffee at once.

Boden Stark takes aesthetic inspiration from Swiss design & combines warm, homely wooden elements with the sleek strength & precision of stainless steel. Our appliances have clean lines grounded with welcoming elements that speak to the comforts of home-making. We offer effortless elegance juxta positioned with high quality functioning, ease of use as well as exceptional durability.

This stunning kettle offers a genuine Red Oak handle and lid knob, which not only adds an element of natural beauty but also provides a comfortable grip for easy pouring. The kettle is equipped with a powerful 1850-2200W hidden heating element, which allows for fast and efficient boiling. The Strix controller ensures optimal temperature control, while the auto-off and boil-dry function ensures safety and the preservation of the kettle.

The removable filter in the kettle ensures that you get clean, sediment-free water every time, while the concealed heating element makes cleaning the kettle a breeze.

Features and Benefits:
– Stunning Stainless Steel with Red Oak Accents
– Hygienic
– 1.7L Capacity
– Removable Filter
– Auto Shut Off and Boil Dry Protection
– Concealed Heating Element

– 1850-2200W
– 1.7L Stainless Steel Kettle
– Genuine Red Oak Handle and Lid Knob
– Strix Controller
– Removable Filter
– Auto Shut Off & Boil Dry Protection
– Concealed Heating Element

Requirements on returning this product:
12 Month Limited Warranty
1. Original proof of purchase / Invoice – given that it is still in the warranty period.
2. All products must be returned in original condition (excluding wear and tear) including packaging, documentation, warranty cards, manuals, and accessories.
3. A detailed fault report must be sent with the unit.