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Bestway 47″ x 36″/119cm x 91cm Fantasy Unicorn Swim Tube

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Have a magical day out on the water in the Bestway® Fantasy™ Unicorn Swim Tube! Designed for kids ages 10 and up, this swim tube features vibrant, multi-colored graphics as well as a long unicorn neck and rainbow tail. The unicorn’s neck can double as something to hold on to or lean up against while enjoying your day at the pool, lake, beach and beyond. Plus, the compact structure is easy to inflate, deflate and store for future sunny days to come. Bring the sunshine and rainbows to the next pool party with the majestic Bestway Fantasy Unicorn Swim Tube!

Fun rainbow unicorn graphics Unicorn neck doubles as something to hold on to or lean against Easy to inflate, deflate and store

Size: 1.19 m x 91 cm

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